Coincasso Whitepaper


CCX Summary
1.1. Basic Features
COINCASSO Project is a multi-layered and multifunctional platform designed to facilitate the use of mining exchange, and to facilitate the use of the same mining for all, regardless of whether someone is a professional A trader or a novice person. Most of the existing service providers associated with the cryptocurrency sector only operate in a narrow space focusing on a single functionality. Stock markets offer you the opportunity to trade or exchange, suppliers of cards give you the opportunity to pay Wkryptowalutach, others learn how to use or implement blockchain technology. Our project was created to holistically address problems related to this industry.

Product Summary:
A) The exchange of cryptocurrency with the possibility of rapid exchange (Kantor).
b) An international bitcoinmatnetwork integrated into our platform
c) mobile application and wallet fully integrated into the entire group of products
d) Payment processor integrated with API and exchanger function
e) COINCASSO Pay-the first virtual crypto card connected to the mobile application.
f) CCX benefits for token holders-possibility of participate in the company's income

COINCASSO is the first KRYPTOWALUTOWYM project to provide financial Possibility of benefit to active users.

1.1.1 COINCASSO Exchange
The stock market is registered and licensed in Estonia and the product is finished in the first phase and exactly in the beta production version. All new CCX owners will be the first users of this platform. The service at the initial stage will give you the opportunity to exchange up to 10 mining and tokens, as well as the ability to exchange up to three FIAT currency pairs. Holders CCX will have the greatest impact on the introduction of new currencies and innovations. Our intention is to create a community with which we share up to 80% of our profits, which in future generate turnover on the stock exchange.

1.1.2 Quick Buy/Sell-function of the Exchange office
This service was created to enable FIAT to be exchanged immediately on the token without having to list the offer on the market. This feature is already introduced into the platform and will be implemented when the corresponding liquidity and volume are reached.

1.1.3 COINCASSO Affiliate Program the costs of promoting new start-ups are very high, which is why we have created an affiliate program for our verified users who recommend our platform, they will be able to take part in the profit Generated by referral users. With this feature, we can gain even more customers and expand society more quickly, while increasing volume and generating more profits for the whole company.

1.1.4 COINCASSO Pay Wallet-Mobile app
A revolutionary application, fully integrated with our platform and our "Bitcoinmatów" network, operating on all popular mobile devices. The first mobile app with a virtual card in the future will allow fast transactions between buyers and users using Kryptowalutowe resources available in wallets. It will also allow for quick transfer of funds between COINCASSO users, as well as the transfer of any resources Kryptowalutowych outside the community.

1.1.5 COINCASSO ATM Network ATM machines
Pioneering is an international network of Kryptowalutowych ATMs, available to registered users of the platform, giving the possibility to make deposits, withdrawals and exchange of local currency and mining. Full user verification will solve the legislative problems and integration with our stock exchange will help shorten the uptime even within a few seconds. Use Kryptowalutowych resources without the need to use banks.

1.1.6 Payment Gateway
The System is fully compatible with our own API, adopt virtually any website, including WORDPRESS-based and will make payments at Kryptowalutach. Our development plan has the scope of creating your own payment gateway, as well as plugins for the most popular e-commerce trading systems such as WOOCOMMERCE, PRESTASHOP, SHOPIFY or OPENCART.

1.1.7 COINCASSO Payment Terminal
POS- POINT OF SALE is the time and place of completion of the retail transaction, and it is easier to pay terminal such as each of us meets regularly in stores. Our dedicated software, and the equipment fully integrated into the stock market, will allow the trader to calculate the amount due from the customer and ensure the possibility to make payments in any owned Cryptocurrency. The seller will receive the exact amount in the local currency according to the receipt or at his request in the same Cryptocurrency that the client has chosen.

1.2 The CCX token issue
The token edition will begin at 13:30 EET on September 12, 2018. The maximum number of tokens is the value of 100 ' 000 ' 000 (one hundred million CCX) created on the Ethereum platform as the ERC-20 standard adopted. All tokens will have to be sold before the end of 2019, and the unsold token is "burned" after this time it will no longer be possible to spend more of them.

1.3 CCX Maximum supply with removal option
The maximum number of tokens has been saved algorithmic, and is exactly 100 million CCX with the principle that no more than 20% can be owned by the COINCASSO group. However, in the case of unsold tokens, the excess will be destroyed without the possibility of returning these tokens to the circuit. All to maintain the assumptions and proportions of 20/80 (design/holders).


2.1 TOKEN CCX Special Features
The sale of tokens is carried out through Https://, as well as local events. The acceptance Limit of up to 12888 ETH is directed to our initial project partners, which forms about 7.5 m CCX.
Each stage of soft-cap is limited to 4x ~ 20m CCX and temporarily up to 90 days or less.
Hard-cap sales are expected to be completed by the last day of the year 2019. The maximum token acquisition limit is the value of 800 888 ETH.
Maximum circulating: 100 million CCX
ERC20 platform (Ethereum Blockchain)
Total available tokens: 80 million CCX
The total tokens are held by the company are 20 million CCX and can be made available for sale for future development.
The initial ratio of 20/80% (company/holders) will be maintained. In a scenario that not all tokens are sold during this period, the remaining tokens will be destroyed to maintain the planned initial proportions. The company can buy tokens from the market in the future. If the limit or deadline is reached, the sales event will close automatically. We reserve the right to extend the sale for a further 6 months in the event of a significant loss in the ETH value and in the absence of a satisfactory sale of the token. CCX due to its adaptability is not limited to the main currency Exchange tool FIAT and mining, but it is also a tool that allows the transfer between our users, applications and services currently offered and in The Coincasso group and its partners.

2.2 Use of funds

Revenues from the sale of token will finance launch of services and products, further development of the platform and the acquisition of users:
-30% development of the trading platform
Including the opening of a development unit in one of the European countries

-20% Marketing and events
The marketing budget is not big compared to the target number of services and users at the end of the project and also to the number of customers we intend to acquire. The key source of new customers will be an affiliate program, because the product gives users the opportunity to gain profit through the marketing option of affiliates added to our platform.

-15% ATM Network
The optimistic Uzbierany hard-cap should suffice to install and service up to 1000 machines around the world.

-10% financial liquidity

-10% mobile wallet app and Pay app

-5% Payment processor and payment gateway

-5% of the operational fund
Required for the formation of companies necessary for the service of all services and legal protection, insurance, accounting and administration. It will also allow us to obtain licenses and translations, build structures and architecture according to the countries in which we will act.

-5% product testing and market monitoring
Creating its own research and development unit, allowing the company to work independently or in partnership for the introduction of modern and products and services based mainly on blockchain technology, which are not yet included in this document.

2.3 Reserve Fund
Left 20% of all CCX created as a standby Token. Which we will keep on the public address. One of our basic principles is the transparency of our company. To be able to maintain a proportionally established rule of 20/80%, on the basis of which we share our profits in the future. We keep these token as long as possible and at least for 3 years counted from the end of the total sales. However, if at some point it seems advisable that a project COINCASSO or a new stage of the project requires us to sell more tokens, some or all of them may be offered at auction or in any other form covering capital needs Project. For now and in the near future CCX will not be used in any way. We believe that it is prudent to create security funds if necessary. COINCASSO will contact you directly with CCX owners to obtain market hints and reactions before any of the reserved tokens are released from your wallet. Our long-term plan is designed to generate sufficient revenues to be able to buy and reduce supply chips in the future, rather than increase their circulation through sales from reserve funds.

3. CCX adaptation

3.1 Exchange and trade
CCX tokens are implemented in the ERC20 protocol, which is one of the most popular and one of the most advanced. The basis of the tokens is very complex and relatively fast blockchain ethereum. Thanks to this technology we are able to implement token for each process and payment on all our services in practically unlimited way. The main feature will be trade and exchange of tokens between users and our services, but also transfers of funds between merchants and derivatives. CCX token holders will be able to trade in tandem with CCX and all other available currencies in our market.

3.2 Transfers
Instant, unlimited and free CCX transfers between users of our platform. Free transfers between COINCASSO EXCHANGE, COINCASSO Wallet and ATM network for all token holders (users) as long as all services are performed within our internal infrastructure

3.3 CCX Pay-mobile app and Pos CCX pay and POS terminals combine 4 services:
-Virtual card and prepaid card
-Mobile application integrated into the Exchange
-Affiliate software, copyright-like equipment for retailers
-API Application for payment gateway prepared for websites

4. COINCASSO Trading Platform
COINCASSO OU is a company registered and licensed in Estonia and is our partner company for the CCX token project.

4.1 Safety of users and the website
The platform offers fast and secure operations for the exchange and trading of Cryptocurrency and FIAT currencies. We have implemented many security features that allow you to safely use the site itself, as well as the entire platform. While maintaining the standards of fast and easy handling. However, we must adhere to the standards and requirements of the countries and States in which we serve our customers. Due to various geopolitical situations and applicable laws, in some countries where we limit the ability to provide security, some or all of the services may not be available there. Encryption of the browser page is covered by the EV SSL certificate-one of the highest standards available on the market. Information about regulations and regulations KYC, the AML will be available at our partner CoinCasso OU.

4.2 KYC
Registration itself requires e-mail address, password and mobile phone number for initial verification, as well as initial verification of email address.
Each customer will need to undergo an identity verification process that will allow them to increase their payout limits and also allow us to ensure the security and procedures required by law. Our 24/7 technical support will check all candidates within 1 day, and in some cases the process may extend to 3 working days.
We also consider the possibility of introducing an automated process for verifying documents from partners such as Trulioo and Jumi. Then, after verification, the customer will be able to make a deposit to their dedicated account or transfer to our FIAT account. Deposits in Kryptowalutach are automatically approved by our system, and FIAT deposits depend on the service or bank through which the customer transfers these funds.
From time to time the security department, when suspected of abnormal activity or simply during a random selection, may ask for additional verification-all for the safety of users.

4.3 charges
CCX owners and partners will be exempt from trade fees/exchanges up to 50%. More information and benefits will be published in the regulations on the website of the COINCASSO Stock Exchange.

4.4 Quick Buy and Sell-function kantor
The service provides instant currency exchange for FIAT and mining. Once it is connected to our proprietary API, it will also facilitate the exchange and processing of transactions with Akceptantami and our ATM network. It will also be the most environmentally friendly and exchangeable currency for beginners, but also for those whose time is most important.

4.5 API Integrations
The Application Programming interface (API) is an interface and software that
Allows a minimum of two different applications to exchange data among themselves.
API integration includes:
-Orders and buying/selling transactions
-Information about the courses (tickers)
-Exchange of user information with the seller
-User-User level Exchange
-Internal and external API for Exchange
-Mobile application-portfolio communication with the exchange
-Trafficking of bots-in the final phase of the project
-API integration with ATM network, user wallet, exchange and processors

4.6 Summary of features
Basic trading Additional transfers
Instant Order Trading Basic CCX P2P Internal affiliate Program
Limit Order Crypto to crypto FIAT
CCX Bonus
Programme * *
Stop Order FIAT to Crypto Crypto
Trading Pro ^
Stop Limit Order Exchange function * Portfolio Exchange <->OAUTH ^ ^
. * Quick Buy/Sell-a function of the counter operated manually in the initial phase
* * CCX bonus Program based on membership rules and additional agreement
^ Professional trading platform with customizable panel settings
^^ OAUTH-A system that allows you to log in the same data

4.7 CCX A couple trades and the implementation of new currencies
The implementation of new tokens and mining beyond the original ones requires additional analysis and evaluation. CCX owners will be entitled to vote and decide which of the planned tokens will appear on our platform first. All-new projects, start-ups, corporate and personal tokens, including those less publicly known on the global markets will be added on demand in the first place in pairs to CCX. If you or your project is based on tokens or Cryptocurrency and you have a problem with placing it on the market, this is another reason why you should have gotten it.

4.8 Voting function
More CCX tokens = More decision value (dependent on your membership).
Adding other mining will be the result of voting by CCX owners. New projects, personal and corporate tokens require the possession or purchase of CCX, in addition the order will be voted on. Projects of new partners are not to vote-the required minimum CCX to add the currency to the waiting list, more owned CCX = higher level in the waiting list. Owning a CCX is required to hold the currency of the stock market. The voting function, as already launched, will allow you to add 1-2 new currencies every two weeks.

4.9 Summary of benefits for CCX owners
-Active participation in group projects
-A passive and active impact on the implementation of innovation
-Priority in issuing new currencies
-Ability to exchange CCX for services offered by the group
-A larger trade market
-Discounts on transaction fees-up to 50%
-Possibility to receive bonuses for membership, ranging from dividing 80% of profits
-Voting function for selecting new tokens
-Accelerated processing of FIAT transactions
-Larger affiliate commissions-up to 50%
-Priority testing of new products
-Dedicated multilingual support
-Implementation of new corporate and personal tokens

5. The Mining market

5.1 History
The first decentralised cryptocurrency-Bitcoin was created in 2009 years by a programmer or a group of people nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. This algorithm uses the SHA-256 technology, a cryptographic function based on the proof of work principle. The first known BTC Exchange took place on May 22, 2010, when one of the developers bought two portions of pizza using 10 000 BTC as yet little known currency. Over the next three years, markets and cryptocurrenciess have increased with moderation in the late 2013 year, to cross the barrier of one billion dollars. However, the biggest increase in Kryptowalutach occurred in 2017 years, when almost the whole world through media reports learned of the existence of virtual digital currencies. By the end of 2017, the value of Bitcoin itself grew to almost 20 000 per piece, and the whole market, according to many sources, surpassed 700 billion US dollars.

5.2 Volume
The volume of the mining market is usually very transparent. Most large stock exchanges are equipped with a public API, so the price of cryptocurrencies and turnover is publicly known. On this basis we can determine the general volume of the crypt market.
Top 10 Kryptowalutowych Exchanges
The median volume of 24h: $425.5 m
Average volume 24h: $468m
Average charges: 0.175% + 0.175% commissions maker and taker per transaction
Potential average gain: $1.17 m/24h (in millions of dollars per day)
$475m/potential annual profit. (transfer fees are not included)

Top 50 Exchange Kryptowalutowych (excluding Top 10)
The median volume of 24h: $65.5 m
Average volume 24h: $68.1 m
Average charges: 0.18% + 0.18% commissions maker and taker per transaction
Potential profit on average: $245k/24h (in millions of dollars per day)
$90m/potential annual profit. (transfer fees are not included)

Top 100 Exchange Kryptowalutowych (exclude Top 50)
The median volume of 24h: $2.6 m
Average volume 24h: $3.7 m
Average charges: 0.25% + 0.22% commissions maker and taker per transaction
Potential profit on average: $18k/24h (in millions of dollars per day)
$6.5 m/potential annual profit. (transfer fees are not included)

All data based on market monitoring between 01.08-01.09 OF 2018

5.3 Future
Bitcoin worth one million dollars?
The mining market is very dynamic. We observe spectacular increases and decreases.
However, it should be remembered that this is still a small market, much smaller than investment funds. Predictions are very optimistic for some basic reasons.
Blockchain technology, like cryptocurrencies itself, is just developing, and applications and implementations have multi-layered potential. It is due to its easy adaptation and increasing popularity, the potential for growth in value can still be huge and it is in a very short time. Some speculate that the value of Bitcoin itself can reach half a million dollars or even a million dollars and it's in a few years (2-3 years). It should be noted, however, that due to the relatively small volume (compared to other markets), as well as variable or young legal regulations, the Customs and effective investment in kryptowalutę is very difficult.

Applications based on CNN:

The future of the CoinCasso group?
The CoinCasso exchange, as well as a group of services, revolutionizes the adaptation of mining and makes the entrepreneur, client, and merchant receive high-quality tools implemented on one and in a simple platform.
Optimistic, we believe that a constantly growing market, as well as increasing popularity, arouse the interest of our project. It is the first project that solves major problems and introduces multi-layered innovations. By supporting and participating in the development of technology and listening the opinions of our users, partners and advisors of our services we create something completely unique. We bet, based on our commitment and experience, that we will find ourselves in the top 50 and even in the top 10 services within a few to several months of launching the platform fully.

6. The COINCASSO Group
CCX PRO Australia-programming services, token issuer
COINCASSO OU Estonia-Stock Exchange mining
Our team creates a group of some of the best experienced professionals, advisors and freelancers, but also passionate about the world's 4 continents, from countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, Japan, India, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Romania and the USA.
Luke Ozimski-CEO and CO-founder COINCASSO OU formerly a Certified Developer and Network Wizard for CISCO Certified Network engineer, mobile application developer, entrepreneur and Freelancer, advisor for the adaptation of blockchain technology.

6.1 Basic values

We are a legitimate, transparent company committed to making our turnover publicly available to anyone who uses an integrated API system. In addition, the main turnover and company cost statistics are published in quarterly or monthly bulletins. We also share knowledge on the future assumptions of the company and the introduction of change and innovation.

We listen to our customers and their needs. We are open to suggestions and modern solutions.

We put emphasis on building trust. Our sites are built with the ability to implement state-of-the-art security solutions on the Web.

Our key is innovation, thanks to which we can not only implement modern standards, but also create them ourselves.

We are proud of the wonderful and passionate work. We always stand behind what we believe.

Our team is an international group of people with years of experience in professional software, finance, research and development, but also in the field of marketing and customer service.

6.2 Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a secure and innovative platform consisting of a multi-layered group of products and services that facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in everyday life.

6.3 Our Vision
We are confident of the wide use of blockchain technology and mining benefits in the near future. By introducing global solutions not only through technological innovations, but also through education through which the entire ecosystem of mining becomes a more environmentally friendly for all users.
Next years we devote the development of AR technology (augmented Reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) in conjunction with trade services and exchange mining.

7. Financial projections
Because of the short operational history and the entirely new business model, we find it difficult to accurately assess our prospects for future financial results. However, despite the risks and disadvantages faced by companies in the fast-changing markets, we anticipate two scenarios that will help the participants of CCX tokens understand different aspects and approximate possible future results of the project.
The revenues of the CoinCasso product group should be divided into 3 groups.

1. CoinCasso Exchange Platform-Marketplace
In the initial phase, the fee will be averaged and universal for all transactions maker and taker 0.25% (0.5% transaction fee). Our business model does not provide any excessive fees for deposits and withdrawals from users at this stage, as well as receiving or sending mining. However, due to operating costs, including bank charges or network charges, such a minimum fee will be added.

2. ATM Worldwide Network-ATM network
Our ATM project provides transaction fees of 2-3% depending on the location of the device and the frequency of use.

3. CoinCasso Additional Services
API Payment Gateway 2-3%, CoinCasso Pay (2% depends on contract), CoinCasso POS (merchant + 2 + 2%). From the above calculations, you will need to deduct the bonus for the partner group and CCX users who have bought the membership package at a discount of 50%. Conservatively, based on global target data and historical statistical data, average user turnover should be around 500 USD per month (includes transactions, ATM operations and payment gateway)

Forecast for CCX Token
Since January 2017, the mining market and the Ethereum itself have increased by around 285 000% per annum (or 6.5 x for three months). We do not think that the growth rate remains maintained at this level over the next five years. We have also experienced with the year 2018, when the value of the market declined due to violent regulation in the Asian region. As a result, we have adopted a growth range from 40% to 100% per annum as our range of predictions. For each scenario, we also assume that the Ethereum economy will grow at least about 3% (conservatively) and 6% (optimistic) every month for the next 5 years.
This corresponds to around 40% and 100% of the annual increase in the CCX support assets respectively for different scenarios. The following are approximate forecasts of the financial performance of the CoinCasso stock exchange with two different scenarios over a period of 5 years.

Conservative predictions for 5 years 6.5 million profits per year (based on TOP100)
Optimistic predictions for 5 years: 90 million profit per year (based on TOP50). All forecasts and calculations are based on historical data from the 01.08 period.-, based on publicly available information from existing companies. This calculation does not include the potential increase in market value.

8. Summary of the issue
CCX token
Total Quantity: 100 ' 000 ' 000 (100 M) of CCX
Platform: ERC-20 (based on ETHEREUM)
Contract Address: 0X395DC9A82E3EEF962B0355A3D4E6819E9AF776D2
Release Date: September 12, 2018
Token issuer: CCX PRO
Contract Verification: Yes, exact
Reserve Fund (company): MAX 20%
Full Name token: COINCASSO EXCHANGE token
How to Sell: website, events
Token Sale and Disclaimer
CCX Utility tokens issued by CCX PRO Australia and offered for sale by the Internet and generally available are not treated as securities or financial instruments and are only part of a project which, upon completion, has certain Values that are determined by the larger global market. Due to inaccuracies in legal regulations, the purchase of tokens is not offered to residents, citizens and persons living and temporarily resident in the United States. Any attempt to purchase the aforementioned users during the initial sales action is subject to the cancellation of the transaction and no token will be issued. Tokens themselves do not provide the earning capacity offered by any related company, but become an accepted currency on the CoinCasso group platforms. This document, called colloquial WHITEPAPER, and any other documents prepared in connection with the present design analysis, is a marketing nature offering to people (communities) with respect to historical data. envisaged and not guaranteed development plan and ability to use resources and solutions by different participants. This document does not constitute an offer of securities or financial instruments such as stocks or bonds or the promotion of such solutions or calls for users to invest in the sense of financial law. The financial contribution collected by the purchase of tokens is not and will not be earmarked for investments in securities, bonds or other similar not described above and only for purposes intended for the implementation of the above project. The sales offer token only applies to the project and relates to the development and use of experimental software and technologies that may not result in or achieve the objectives set out in the above document. The purchase of tokens is a high earning potential, but it is not guaranteed and carries a high risk for buyers. The tokens do not represent any ownership, shares, bonds, licensing unit or right to capital, profit or income on the network or the guarantee of use of the software or the unit, the tokens are also not affiliated with other companies or are not proprietary Network or any other public or private enterprise, such as corporations, foundations and other entities in this or other jurisdiction. The TOKEN is not intended to represent the final interest. This version of this document upgrades any previous versions, including any translated versions, and becomes the current CCX WHITEPAPER document on the date of its release.

9. Brand recognition
Our brand name CoinCasso is built with 2 words Coin and Cassie. Coin of Ang. Coin as popularized name mining other digital virtual currency. Cassie is the word "cassa" of Spanish origin, meaning "home" and "passion " for marketing purposes.
The whole translates into the character of our company created with passion, and in the usual sense "home mining." The Coincasso Logo is a unique sign that proudly identifies our brands, services and products. It is very minimalist and designed to be easily zapamiętywalny and recognizable by our customers. It consists of three basic elements, but we do not always use them all. These elements are ring-graphic sign, logo-typographic mark and additional slogan to determine the product.

10. Schedule
12 SEP 2018-Token edition
17 SEP 2018-START presale for people invited
1 OCT 2018-Launch of the stock exchange in the beta production version
1 NOV 2018-Public pre-sale
Ver. 1.0 12SEP2018