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The information contained in this video is for informational and educational purposes only. They do not constitute "recommendations" within the meaning of the regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19.10.2005 R. On the information constituting recommendations on financial instruments or their issuers (OJ L., 2005r. No 206, item. (1715). Accordingly, the author does not assume any responsibility for the investment decisions made on the basis of the content of the material as well as any instructional material. Trade in goods, whether they are real or virtual, as well as the rotation of the Kryptowalutami carries a significant risk. The prices of goods, irrespective of their nature or substance, are not of a permanent nature and are subject to constant change. Price fluctuations from railways directly affect the value of assets held by a unit over time. Any good – virtual or not – in a given period can both gain value and become completely worthless. The same rules apply to virtual currencies-so-called. Mining. However, the turnover of Kryptowalutami carries one more risk which, in principle, does not occur in the case of trade in official currencies and or goods. Unlike most currencies, whose value is unmoderated by government or other legal entities, or is found to be based on resources, the value of the mining is built on the development of technology and trust in the market and its participants. Cryptocurrencies not have a centralised issuer or an institution which controls its turnover. The value of cryptocurrencies units is determined solely by Wolnorynkowe supply and demand mechanisms in exchange sites such as service. Cryptocurrency does not provide an autonomous supply or does not in itself meet any needs. Its sole function is the role of a means of payment or an exchange of monetary value which the holder may: exchange for goods or services in a store accepting payments in Cryptocurrency "transfer" electronically to another person, store and exchange Profit (or loss) resulting from foreign exchange differences. Due to the fundamentals of the functioning of the mining trading system, it is susceptible to fluctuations in the level of trust of participants in turnover which directly affects the level of demand or supply. The level of trust in mining can affect both purely economic and non-economic factors, including technological. In the light of the foregoing, please rethink the decision whether the existing degree of risk associated with the turnover of Kryptowalutami is acceptable to you.