Become a shareholder of the cryptovalutes and bitrate networks exchange

  • Dividend cryptocurrencies Stock ExchangeHigh estimated return on investment
  • Split profit Exchange mining80% of the profit from the stock exchange goes to shareholders
  • Mining Payment MarketAccepted payments: BTC, ETH, LTC and others

Original Price:
$0.30 / Token

Current price:
$5.84 / Token

Next Turn price:
$5.86 / Token

Coincasso What is

What is CoinCasso?

CoinCasso Exchange is a licensed cryptovalute exchange, which provides innovative solutions to the Internet users allowing them to exchange various types of cryptovalutes. It is a Polish platform, which, in comparison to its competitors, offers much greater opportunities. The cryptovalut CoinCasso exchange is dedicated to both amateurs and professionals in this field.

There are many advantages of CoinCasso exchange - one of them is the presence of an exchange, which allows efficient and fast exchange of cryptovalutes for CCX tokens, so there is no need to direct the offer to the market.

In addition, in the second half of 2019, there will be created a network of Bitomat, i. e. pioneering network of cryptovalute ATMs. They will be available only to registered on the platform users. Thanks to the prior verification, the flow time of the funds will be very short. One of CoinCasso's goals is to be at the forefront of the 50 best crypto exchanges.

CoinCasso derives its benefit from the commission it receives in exchange for transactions that users made. As the only company of its kind in the world, CoinCasso distributes 80% of its profits to holders of the company's CCX token, CoinCasso Exchange Token.

Benefits of the CoinCasso exchange

Share the stock exchange's profit

CoinCasso distributes 80% of its profits among its investors. You decide for yourself what amount you want to invest.

Passive income

Exchange of cryptovalutes for CCX tokens allows to receive high passive income at the level of $30,000.

Limited investment risk

CoinCasso is a licensed stock exchange, which means that the level of investment risk is low.

How to invest in the CoinCasso stock market by purchasing CCX tokens.

First you need to register, click the below button "Sign up ", after clicking you will be taken to a page where you are free to sign up at CoinCasso

After registration enter the address of your e-mail comes the link activating the account (check spam).

When you click on the link, you log in to your account.

How to buy CCX tokens so that you can retrieve a portion of the profit for the CoinCasso company for the token owners (ie 80 percent of the CoinCasso profits will be allocated to CCX token owners).

How do I buy CCX tokens?:

1. After registration – Select the options "Deposit "

2. After selecting "Deposit ", select the options "CoinPayments " (In the rozwjanym Bar under PerfectMoney) and enter the amount you want to transfer to your account in dollars. If the tokens are sold for example after $2.96 and want to buy for example: 1000 tokens, you type $1750. I recommend you always buy several tokens more to avoid when buying a difference in the course of Bitcoin (BTC), and in this case I wpisałbym eg: $1757

3. Then select the Cryptocurrencyę which we want to pay on the left side of the screen, and on the right is entered your e-mail address and your name and press the button "make a purchase "

4. The transfer address for example: BTC and BTC amount will be displayed. If you do it from the wallet on your phone you scan the code and make a payment, if you make a payment via eg: the stock exchange is a copy of the BTC Wallet address and a BTC amount to be transferred and you type eg in the transfer data from your stock exchange. You have a precise time to transfer BTC, about 6 hours.

4. Our center will appear in your wallet: "Purchase "

5th Select the icon: "Buy CCX " and select the appropriate number of tokens at the current rate click the button "Pay via Purchase Balance "

6th you have the first tokens, if you bought a minimum of 1000 tokens, you will be able to take a dywidentę from the profits of the company the stock market, the target network bitomatów, etc.

The price of one CCX token is $2.96 on a day 09.03.2019.
According to experts, it can rise up to $80 by October 2019.
Estimated return on investment:
- purchase of 1000 tokens = estimated salary of $300 per month,
- purchase of 5000 tokens = estimated salary 1500$ per month,
- purchase of 10 000 tokens = estimated salary of $3 000 per month,
- purchase of 25 000 tokens = estimated salary of $75 000 per month,
- purchase of 100 000 tokens = estimated salary of $30 000 per month.
Experienced investors most often decide to buy 10 000 CCX tokens.

Currently CCX tokens can be purchased through the official website coincasso. io. You can pay for them by CoinPayments using your cryptovalutes. This is about cryptovalutes such as: BTC], [LTC], [BCH], [ETH], [ETC], [DASH], [DGB], [LSK], [WAVES], [XMR], [ZEC], [ZEN] and many others. CoinCasso also accepts PerfectMoney in USD.

The company has issued 100.000.000 tokens based on Ethereum. 80% of them are intended for investors. In the initial phase, only individual investors can buy tokens, which are at the same time parts of the company's profits. After some time, institutional investors and large investment funds will also be entitled to invest. According to estimates, all individual investors can expect a monthly passive income of between $300 and $30 000. The amount depends on the number of purchased tokens.

Cryptocurrencies How to Earn

What does the cryptovalute exchange earn on?

The cryptovalute exchanges earn money on mediation in transactions for which they charge a commission. In addition, CoinCasso also makes profits from tokens. It is one of those stock exchanges in which it is worth investing, because it is the only one source of profits in the world where 80% of profits are distributed among its investors.

Earnings on cryptovalutes

CoinCasso makes possible not only buying tokens, but also trading of cryptovalutes in a traditional form. For sure, if you decide to buy CCX tokens, you can count on a passive income of between $300 and $30 000. Keep in mind: each investment has its risk and the amount of the final salary depends on a number of factors. CoinCasso also has an attractive partner system, which offers a first level commission of 15% to all new traders. The cryptovalute market has been developing all the time, so it is worth to try this type of investment.

Frequently asked questions:

How many tokens should I buy?

The number of purchased tokens increases as well as the chance to make your potential passive income bigger. You also have an access to a larger number of services with discounts and low commissions.

Are CCX andERC-20 token are the same?

CCX token is based on popular Blockchain technology. This is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. It is a solution characterized by a high level of security, which ensures high transparency and diversity in the storage of tokens.

Will CoinCasso be successful?

Earnings on cryptovalutes is a long-term and dynamic process. This market is still growing very fast. One of its characteristics is high fluctuation of exchange rates. The project should be very popular due to the benefits of participating in it. One of the most important fact is the ability to have passive income through the purchase of tokens.

What if not all tokens are sold?

If not all CCX tokens are sold, the remains will be destroyed algorithmically using the "burn" function. There is no technical possibility to increase the number of token units again.

About me

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Two years ago cryptovalut became an interesting topic for me. My research of the market and successes I had have inspired me for sharing the knowledge.
Currently I am involved in projects related to passive income and earnings on cryptovalutes.
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